Research Proposal on Terrorism

Terrorism is the policy based on the use of terror to influence people’s mood and world view. Terrorism has become the most popular term in the latest several years, because every day we hear about deaths and accidents caused by terrorists all over the world. Terrorist organizations try to oppose the power of the country, its values, beliefs, religious and cultural views. Terrorists try to influence people’s minds and make them live in constant fear of attack. Terrorists act in different ways. They attack civil people and public organizations and buildings and kill many innocent people in the most unpredictable way and period of the day or night. Terrorism is divided into the regional and international. Moreover, there are several purposes of terrorist acts: nationalistic, religious and ideological.

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Nationalistic terrorism is quite widespread in the mono ethnic countries which do not want people of other nationalities live, work and settle on their territory. People of other ethnicity and color of skin are attacked by terrorists in violent ways. Religious terrorism is widespread among the religious fanatics who commit terrorist acts behalf their religion trying to prove that their god is the best and the only one which has the right to exist. Ideological terrorism has other purposes. Actions of terrorists are based on their desire to change the political and economical system of the country. This kind of terrorism is often called a revolution, because every revolution is followed by cruel terrorist acts and thousands of innocent victims.

Terrorism is a big problem of modern society and people need to unite to cope with the problem once for all. We should remember that the targets of terrorists are not the people and social values but innocent civil people, women and children. Except of violence and murder, terrorists act in the web and abuse people with the help of the Internet. This form of terrorism is no as fearful as the common ones, but it also influences people’s minds negatively. Students who have decided to research the problem of terrorism will need to investigate the topic from all possible sides to find out about the types, targets, purposes and methods of terrorists they use to attract attention of the general public. The proposal is expected to present fresh ideas and solutions which are helpful enough to settle down the problem of terrorism effectively.

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