Research Proposal on Text Mining

Text mining is the process of the extraction of the high-quality and sensible information from a text. Text mining is closely connected with data mining and very often the first is called text data mining. As a rule statistical pattern learning is applied for the process of text mining.

The mechanism is easy: the text is divided into patterns and then the experts analyze the patterns of the text extracting and processing the useful data.

Text mining is an important and useful process which is applied in numerous disciplines and spheres of the human life. The brightest examples of the use of text mining are safety and security, science and commerce. Text mining is a complex process which embraces numerous disciplines and various kinds of the human knowledge, for example, linguistics, statistics and information technology in order to analyze and process text with the help of the brand new technologies using the knowledge in the humanities.

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The whole process of text mining consists of numerous subordinate tasks. It is obvious that it is easier to distribute the tasks into the smaller groups in order to receive the positive result of the process of analysis. First of all there is the stage of the information retrieval, which is characterized with the extraction of information valuable for the analysis. Then, there is natural language processing, which presents the retrieved text in the natural human language. Next, there is the stage of named entity recognition, which recognizes information according to the certain common identifiers. Then there are more complicated sentiment analysis and quantitative analysis which analyze the data from all sides, involving the psychological and other aspects.

Text mining is a serious process which helps collect valuable information from various sources and analyze it properly. The student, who is interested in the profound investigation of text mining, is expected to prepare a detailed paper, which would contain all the points and essential questions required for the research. Furthermore, it is important to demonstrate the methods of the research and their types and the literature used to collect information and improve knowledge on the topic.

The student should present the problems related with the topic and predict the possible result of his research and evaluate its usefulness for the science.

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