Research Proposal on Applied Linguistics

Applied linguistics is closely connected with theoretical linguistics and investigates language on practice. Applied linguistics focuses on the solutions of the direct problems related with languages and uses the theory of different branches of linguistics on practice. The most important branches of applied linguistics are: lexicography (theory and practice of the composition of dictionaries), didactics of linguistics (the science on the methods of language education), terminology (the science which studies the origin and the use of terms in different disciplines), translation (methodology of the correct translation).

Applied linguistics is widely used in the information technologies and the development of the Internet. It is obvious that the Internet provides users with opportunities to collect data in different languages and even translate information from one language to another.

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Online dictionaries and translators are extremely important and useful today, because enable people translate words and phrases at a moment’s notice and safe much time. On the other hand the quality of these translations is quite poor, so the core task of applied linguistics in this sphere is to compose the most accurate dictionaries, which can be no worse than the printed ones. Applied linguistics works on data mining, optical character recognition and speech recognition and helps recognize and restore the damaged information with the help of the special software. Applied linguistics is used in every sphere of human activity, starting from education (methodology of teaching a language) and composition of special terminology of different sciences and professions and finishing with forensic linguistics which is used in court practice.

Applied linguistics is a very important discipline which helps people organize the language theories and use them on practice. The discipline is used in every sphere of human life and is definitely worth attention. If a student has become interested in the problem of applied linguistics, he can investigate the question profoundly and present his thoughts in the research paper on this topic. Of course, he is supposed to complete a convincing and well-analyzed applied linguistics research proposal to get the permission to research this very topic. In order to succeed in the process of writing he will need to create a logical structure and persuade that applied linguistics is worth attention and that the research will contribute into the solution of the definite problems on the topic.

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