Research Proposal on Urbanization

Urbanization is the process of the increase of the role of cities in the life and development of the human society. The core factors which cause urbanization are the concentration and growth of industry in big cities, the increase of their cultural and political functions and the higher possibility of employment. A characteristic feature of urbanization is the constant flow of population from the rural areas into a big city with the purpose to find work, entertain, study, etc. The process which can be opposed to urbanization is ruralization and means the flow of people from the big cities to the small towns and villages because of various factors (poor ecological situation, busy way of life, bankrupting of the city, etc). The process of urbanization is possible due to the transformation of the rural settlements into big towns and cities; formation of the wide suburban areas; migration from the countryside to the urban areas.

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There is an interesting process which is aimed at the optimization of the natural environment for the life of people in the urban areas and it is called urbanization of the nature. The brightest examples of this process are parks and green recreational areas in the boarders of the big city, which serve for the aesthetic and ecological purposes. The process of urbanization can be called a logical one, because the role of cities is extremely important for people. Cities provide people with work, cultural life, entertainment, education, constant move, energy, dynamics, all sorts of activity, etc. Moreover, cities have always been the political centers where the fate and the international position of every country were made.

Urbanization is an interesting topic which can explain the role of cities for the life and development of the human civilization. The topic is quite relevant, because the number of cities is constantly growing and it is sensible to improve knowledge on this problem and prepare a good research paper on it. Of course, before writing a research paper a student is supposed to complete a high-quality urbanization research proposal and persuade the professor that the choice of the topic is successful. One should complete well-organized methodology and literature review sections and explain the purpose of the research and illustrate the predicted results.

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