Research Proposal on Urban Design

Urban design studies the structure, image, functional elements and the optimal planning of cities and other settlements. The key attention is paid to the places of the public use, for example, streets, squares, avenues, parks and gardens. Urban design is also a discipline which can be called a mixture and synthesis of urban planning, landscape design and architecture. Urban design depends on the range of factors which influence its quality: political, social and economic factors.

Urban design touches upon such important problems as the structure of the city (the way the districts of the city are interconnected); availability (shows whether it is easy to get from one point of the city to the other); recognition (understanding of the logical location of the building and possibility to understand where the person is situated at the moment); liveliness (planning of the area in such a way to attract people from all corners of the city making the place active for various purposes, for example, business and entertainment).

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Furthermore, urban design should plan the city in such a way to make it different and colorful in its every part. It is important to provide people with the possibility to get all they need in the very part of the city they live in, for example, shops where they can purchase the essential products. Urban design is supposed to plan the city reasonable dividing it into the certain area for the direct purposes, like industry, business area, shopping areas, recreational areas, etc. (it is obvious that people should not live close to the industrial district, that is why residential areas are supposed to be located far from plants and factories).

Urban design is an interesting and relevant topic which requires profound research, because very often the plan of a city can not be called a logical one and the experts have to look for the best solutions to these problems. If a student is interested in urban design, he can try to prepare a successful urban design research proposal and convince the professor in the importance of the chosen topic. One will have to share the literature review and methodology of the research in order to prove that the predicted results will be useful for the discipline and demonstrate the whole knowledge of the student.

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