Research Proposal on Violence against Women

Violence against women is the action of the physical and psychological abuse of a person on the basis of her belonging to the female gender. The problem of violence against women has always existed in the human society and can be called the result of the gender inequality which occurred historically. The role of the women was to bring up children and work about the house and serve to their husbands. Women did not have such wide rights as men had and the latter often behaved violently towards their wives. Violence against women also has its roots in the national culture and traditions. For example, in Africa and Asia the frequency of violence against women is extremely high, because they are not treated like the equal gender and are still manipulated by men. The practice of the forced marriage, honor killing, female genital mutilation are still popular in these parts of the world.

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The brightest example of violence against women can be observed in the form of the domestic violence. The absolute number of women in the world suffers from the violent behavior of their husbands. The domestic violence does not only have the form of physical abuse but generally psychological pressure and humiliations. The police generally do not pay attention to such cases treating them like not serious ones. The result of violence against women is dramatic, because women are more vulnerable to such actions than men and require quality and expensive treatment and psychological consulting.

Violence against women is one of the most important social problems which require rapid solutions nowadays. Every year millions of women are the victims of physical, psychological, sexual abuse and this tendency should be stopped. When a student is interested in the question of violence against women and its roots and methods of its prevention, he can complete a sensible research proposal about it. A successful violence against women research proposal should contain the purpose of the research, the methods and sources used for the investigation of the problem and the set of the predicted results of the research and their value for the discipline and solution of the problem of gender violence.

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Custom Research Proposal on Violence against Women

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