Research Report on Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the complex of physical and psychological abuse which is applied by the member of the family towards other members of the family. The cause of domestic violence is the range of factors of various origins. First of all, domestic violence is caused by the people who are under the effect of alcohol or drugs. When the person is under the influence of psychotropic substances, it is obvious that her personality is altered and he does not understand what she is doing. Then, the problem occurs also in the families in the unfavorable financial background. It there is not enough money for food products and the basic needs, people become angry and the easiest way to release anger is to start a row with the husband or a wife. Most often, these two problems are interconnected, because if one does not have money, he starts alcohol or drug addict and behaves in the inappropriate way.

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Domestic violence is most often applied towards women, because they are supposed to be weaker. The results of the family violence are rows, tears, anger, stress, physical and psychological pain, etc. The biggest victims of domestic abuse are children who have to experience this problem, hear and see all the negative sides of family conflicts. In order to solve the problem of family violence numerous special social services work in the developed countries. In the developing countries the problem is more serious and most often women and children do not have the opportunity to receive official help because there are no services which analyze such cases.

Domestic violence is a serious problem for the research, because at least one third of families suffer from this problem. The student’s duty is to focus on the analysis of the facts which cause the problem and to dwell on the effects of violence on the members of the family and their worldview and behaviour in the society. The young person is able to observe the problem from all possible sides providing the professor with statistic facts, psychological and cultural approach towards family violence comparing the frequency of violence among the families of different countries, regions, generations and social groups. The conclusion of the research report should be the relevance of the problem and the methods which can be used to solve the matter on family violence efficiently.

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