Research Proposal on WiMAX

WiMAX is the telecommunication technology created with the aim to supply the high spectrum of devices (from workstations to laptops and mobile phones) with the universal wireless network.

The term ‘WiMAX’ was created by the organization WiMAX Forum, founded in 2001 with the aim to embody the technology of WiMAX in life. Forum describes WiMAX as the technology based on the particular standard, which provides the client with the high-speed access to the wireless network. The highest speed is 1 Gbit/s.

WiMAX is useful for the solution of such problems:

  • the connection of the points of Wi-Fi with one another and other segments of the Internet;
  • the supply with the high-speed servers of data transmission and telecommunication services;
  • the creation of the wireless access points which do not depend on the geographical position;
  • the creation of the monitoring systems.

WiMAX enables to receive high-speed access to the Internet with the more developed net than the Wi-Fi networks. The problem of the last mile has always been the relevant problem for the Internet providers.

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Nowadays there are many technologies which solve the problem of the last mile, and the provider has to choose the best one to satisfy the client and maintain the quality of the connection. The universal solution to the problem of the last mile has not been invented yet as every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. Today the techniques of WiMAX and Wi-Fi are continuously compared and every technology has its strong and weak sides and can be applied in the particular situations and for the definite purposes.

WiMAX is entirely a useful technology which can provide everyone with the 24/7 top-speed access to the Internet, and if the student is interested in this technology, he can try to research it closer.

The student who is writing the proposal should pay attention to the explanation of the work of the technology, its structure, strong and weak sides and the best places of its use. The proposal should contain the right structure, the list of the points which require more in-depth research and the literature and methods used for the investigation of WiMAX.

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