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4G is the fourth generation of the telecommunication systems which has the increased standards. The 4G includes the perspective technologies which enable people exchange information in the enormous speed. Every generation of telecommunications has its own standards, strong and weak sides. It has taken a lot to increase the quality of telecommunication to the fourth generation. The first telecommunication system of the first generation appeared in the 1970-s; the second generation (1980) is characterized with the digital transmission of data; in the late 1990-s the 3G telecommunications were introduced and only in the 2010 the fourth generation is put into practice.

The development of the 4G is influenced by the improvement of the 3G technology in 2000-s. One of the leading manufacturers of personal computers Hewlett-Packard and the Japanese giant of the telecommunication services NTT DoCoMo started to improve the 3G systems for the further development and creation of the 4G systems.

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In 2008 the sector of ITU-R set a demand that the world should improve the wireless telecommunication systems and enable everyone transmit information at the speed of 100 megabits per second for the moving users (for example, the individuals traveling by train and by car) and one gigabit per second for the stationary users. Since 2010 the developed countries have improved the telecommunication systems to the level of the fourth generation and now the experts continue working on the further development of the technologies having the intention to create even more developed systems in the nearest future.

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