Research Proposal on Workforce Diversity

Workforce diversity is the complex of differences and similarities between the employees of different gender, religious views, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical abilities, etc. The main idea of workforce diversity is to make the working staff different in order to provide the people who belong to ethnic minorities, different sexual orientation, who belong to different culture, etc with the opportunity to work in the same way and in the same conditions as the absolute majority of employees. It is quite natural that people who have physical disabilities, who belong to another ethnic background and have different religious views, are often limited in their opportunities to find a good job and to work in the same way as the rest of people. In the modern time of globalization and increase of the respect of the human rights it is immoral to limit people in the choice of career just because they are different.

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Nowadays there are numerous services, projects and programs which support people who belong to social minorities on their way of building of a good career. Organizations are asked to employ people of different ethnical background or religion or limited physical abilities in order to increase the variety of the workforce. The ideal understanding of workforce diversity is to help people of different gender, ethnicity, cultural background, etc to cooperate in the constructive way and improve their knowledge about other cultures and other people who belong to different social groups. This knowledge will definitely unite people and improve their understanding of the common problems in spite of the fact that they belong to different social groups.

Workforce diversity is the problem which touches upon the complex of differences and similarities between the employees belonging to different social groups with the aim of making contacts between them and improvement of their cooperation. The student should focus on the detailed research of the problem on workforce diversity is order to select a few points which can become useful for the additional analysis. One will have to focus on the methodology and literature review of the proposal in order to demonstrate to the professor the details of the project and illustrate the purpose and expectations towards the investigation.

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