Research Proposal on Youth Employment

Youth employment is the process of providing of the young people with workplaces. Every young person who devotes half of her life to education and self improvement hopes to achieve a good work after graduating of a college or a university. Unfortunately, the problem of unemployment touches upon every sphere of human life, every country and people of different social status. Of course, there are countries where the problem of unemployment is not such an urgent one, but most of the world suffers from the problem considerably. The main reason of unemployment is overpopulation and disability of the state to provide all the people with work. Every year new and new graduates apply for work, but their chances are very little with every upcoming year. When a company hires someone, the person or an employee often stays on the workplace till the end.

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The company from its side spends much money to train and develop the skills of the employee and it does not want to lose a qualified worker and train the other one. So, inexperienced young people, who have just graduated are not praised and wanted at all. Moreover, many businessmen think that a young employee is a big problem, because he does not know anything and he can not be trusted or treated seriously. As a result the problem of youth employment is quite tragic, because young people have problems with finding a job. Nevertheless, there are special laws of the government which are aimed to reduce the problem and provide young people with job offering special bonuses and extra finance to the employers from the state budget.

The problem of youth employment is urgent all over the world and very often young people are not able to find a proper job after graduation. A successful youth employment research proposal is aimed at the solution of the suggested problem with the help of the smart ideas of a student.

Students, who will surely face the problem of youth employment, are given a chance to improve the situation considerably and they are asked to brainstorm wise ideas which can be effective enough for the solution of the problem and they need to organize these ideas in a well-analyzed well-structured research proposal.

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