Research Report on Abortion

Abortion is the purposeful artificial termination of pregnancy. According to the medical standards abortion is practised during the term before the 20th week of pregnancy but if the terms are not known, the biggest appropriate weight of the foetus is 400 g. Abortion is the relevant problem nowadays which is closely connected with other problems based on culture, ethics, sexual education, religion, etc. Evidently, abortion is practised if the child is undesired and generally this happens among the young women who are not ready to have a child and decide to terminate pregnancy. Very often the decision about abortion comes from teenage girls who got pregnant because of the lack of knowledge about the consequences of sex, contraception, etc. In order to prevent teenagers from abortions and reduce the number of these operations the subject of sexual education is introduced at school.

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Evidently, abortion causes harm to the young mother and there is a possibility that she will not have children further. On the other hand modern technologies and methods enable to practise safe abortions which do not cause harm to the health of a woman.

Abortion is also an ethical question. The attitude of the general public is completely different. The ones support abortion, because undesired child can ruin the life of a woman; the others compare abortion with a murder. The brightest examples are various religious organizations are completely against abortion and they criticize this procedure severely. It is obvious that abortion is a controversial topic, but it influences the woman’s psychics negatively, because sometimes they start to have the feeling of guilt and lost opportunities to have a child.

Abortion has always existed in the human civilization and the procedure was practised even in the ancient Greece and Rome but the attitude towards it was different. If a student is required to prepare a good abortion research report, he will need to collect as much information about the problem as possible to analyze it well and reveal the topic from all sides. One should focus on the purpose of the research, the analysis of the procedure and types of abortion, the attitude towards the action and the methodology of the research. The student is expected to persuade the professor that the topic is worth his attention and organize the paper logically.

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