Unplanned Pregnancy Research Paper

Unplanned pregnancy (also called unintended, unwanted, unintended, unexpected, unplanned, or untimely pregnancy) is one that occurs without the desire and/or pre-planning and the absence or failure of adequate precoital contraception and ineffective management or contraception after intercourse to prevent a possible pregnancy.

Faced with an unplanned pregnancy and having regard to the WHO principles of reproductive health, the mother can continue with the pregnancy and carry the child or, if the legislation of the country or territory contemplated the practice of a voluntary termination of pregnancy, resort to induced abortion, either through a medical abortion or a surgical abortion, depending on the gestation period and provided with adequate health care.

Worldwide, 38% of pregnancies are unplanned, 21% of them occur in adolescents (of which between 30% and 60% end in abortion). There are about 80 million unplanned pregnancies each year from a total of 210 million pregnancies worldwide.

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The supply of contraceptives to the 201 million women at risk of unplanned pregnancies in developing countries without access to contraception would cost an estimated 2.3 billion Euros per year. This expense could prevent 52 million unplanned pregnancies each year, reducing by 1.5 million annual maternal deaths and Infant mortality and using induced abortions by 64%. Reducing pregnancy-related diseases might produce about 27 million years of healthy life and save about 100 Euros per year of healthy life.

Among the consequences of unplanned pregnancy are unwanted births. The statistics show that unplanned pregnancy is the cause of about 34 million unwanted births.

Another consequence is that the existence of a high number of unplanned pregnancies in the world causes about 42 million induced abortions per year. Between 1994 and 1999 there were registered 338 million not desired or planned pregnancies worldwide (24% of all pregnancies in a total of 1.2 billion during those six years, an average about 56 million unplanned pregnancies a total of 200 million per year). These unplanned pregnancies became cause of 699,000 maternal.

About 33% of the cases were due to problems related to pregnancy and childbirth; however, the main cause of the complications (about 64%) was the result of practicing unsafe abortions. The highest rate of mother death is in the less developed regions of the world where there is no family planning and the reproductive health services barely exist.

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