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Rock and roll is a genre of popular music that spread in the mid-1950s. Its content is a combination of elements of African-American and white genres as rhythm and blues and country music. The style of white performers received the name of rockabilly.

Distinctive features are a clear rhythm, dance tempo, uninhibited performance. Traditional musical instruments are guitar, bass, rhythm guitar, and drums. Rockabilly bands have usually 3 members.

For rock and roll the time signature of 4/4 (four quarters) is typical.

College students with ambition to write a good research paper on rock and roll, must know that the genre was the result of the synthesis of the American music different styles. In the 1950s, white and black musicians of the American South started to mix rhythm and blues, boogie, country, and gospel, seeking a new sound. Bill Haley used the African-American slang and boogie rhythms in his rhythmic songs built on a country with admixture of jazz and boogie-woogie.

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It is believed that the musical term “rock and roll” was coined by Alan Freed, a popular disc jockey from Cleveland, who did a lot to popularize the new music, which at the time met with a wide enough resistance from the U.S. conservative society. Rock and roll was the first genre of the contemporary popular music, developed and played equally as white and African-American performers, which eventually led to a partial reduction of the racial segregation those years (despite the fact that this genre was purely apolitical). In addition to songs, originally written in the new style, the earliest performers of rock ‘n’ roll also sang folk songs, old blues, country, and jazz compositions, giving them a rock ‘n’ roll sound.

In 1949, African-American artist Harris Winona recorded a song called All She Wants to Do Is Rock, where the term “rock and roll” was first used in relation to the music.

Although it is difficult to clearly define the time the genre came into existence, researchers often give primacy of the first rock and roll song to the Rocket 88, recorded in March 1951, by Ike Turner’s rhythm and blues band.

The Fat Man by Fats Domino, with its clear rhythm of the boogie and falsetto scat between verses, is also often called the first rock and roll song; as well as Rock the Joint (1952) and Rock Around the Clock (1954) by Bill Haley; That’s All Right, Mama (1954) by Elvis Presley.

Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley, recorded April 12, 1954, and Shake, Rattle and Roll played a decisive role in the mass popularity of rock ‘n’ roll, which had been just before a musical experiment known to local radio listeners. Since the term rock and roll was not yet widely recognized, Rock Around the Clock has been designated on the record as a foxtrot.

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