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Heavy metal music is a genre of rock music derived from psychedelic rock at the beginning and the middle of 1970s, mainly in England and United States of America. Heavy metal fans are called metalheads.

Main attributes of the heavy metal music are distorted guitar sound, protracted guitar solos, aggressive rhythm, as a rule six-, octa- or two- meter signatures, lightened riffs.

If you are about to write free sample research paper on the topic you probably should know that heavy metal music has a large enough number of styles, from comparatively “soft” (traditional heavy metal, power metal) to the very “heavy” and unacceptable for majority unprepared listeners (death metal, black metal, grindcore). Music of “metallic” genres is widespread practically in all countries, but the most large stages were formed in north Europe (Britain, Scandinavia, Germany) and North America (The USA, Canada).

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In every European country, there are the developed regional stages, as well as in Bresil, Japan and many other non-European countries. In the Middle East, except for Israel and Turkey, a heavy metal is less developed due to strong censorial limitations.

In relation to the origin of the name “heavy metal” – there are a few versions and a few sources. This expression arose up in the hippie and beatniks environment at the beginning of 1970s, but where came from in their slang – remains the article of debates.

Typical heavy metal band includes a drum, bass-guitar, solo-guitar, rhythm-guitar, and vocal (a singer), who, mostly, does not play the other instruments. The key are also used in some band. Other instruments are offtype for heavy metal music, although there is a great number of examples of the use of violoncello, bagpipe, violin, flute, saxophone or folk instruments. As a rule, such instruments do not play a basic role and are introduced during orchestration for creation of certain atmosphere.

General lines characteristic for all subgenres of heavy metal music are the rhythmic musical figures (riffs) distorted electronically (using the distortion or fuzz effects) performed, as a rule, using an electric guitar (rhythm-guitar) and bass-guitar forming along with a drumkit the so-called rhythm section; other instrumental elements of the guitar technique (guitar solos, arpeggio, chords) are usually performed by the second guitar (solo-guitar, “the second guitar,” acoustic guitar), although it already rather in the past – modern musicians increasingly often make their records with only one guitar, playing with it both riffs and all other elements of their compositions.

Heavy metal (as a genre on the whole) provides rather an artistic musical picture, where there can be an overture, development, culmination of basic theme, and the final part. These elements of composition can be contained both in a separate work and traced in whole conceptual albums. In this connection, heavy metal on the whole demonstrates qualities of instrumental music, non-standard harmonies.

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