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Samuel Adams, born 27 September 1722, died 2 October 1803; was one of the American people leaders and politicians. He is regarded as one of the instigators of the American Revolution. He helped to launch and keep the revolution alive. He joined the high ideals with a wise policy, and worked diligently to transform the United States from being a British colony to an independent nation.

Considered a patriot and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, he led the anti-British revolt before and during the American Revolution. His talents as an orator and writer enable him to win in assemblies and meetings; he wrote petitions and resolutions that advance the revolutionary process and the political organization of the country.

Use some free sample research papers on the topic to know that Samuel Adams signed the Declaration of Independence of the United States and contributing editor of the Massachusetts Constitution and Articles of Confederation. From 1793 to 1797, he finished his career as governor of Massachusetts.

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It is considered one of the main architects of republicanism and was one of the major political figures of Massachusetts and United States XVIIIth century.

Samuel Adams was born in Boston in Massachusetts. His father was a wealthy brewer and self-active in politics. Samuel Adams attended school in his hometown and was admitted to Harvard in 1736. He completed his undergraduate studies in 1740, and took master’s degree three years later with a paper that already has thoughts of colonies political rights.

Samuel Adams had little inclination for the brewery which he inherited, and the company went into bankruptcy. He got involved actively in social issues and as a member of the Caucus, a political organization that held their secret meetings in an attic, he learned the art of doing politics.

Adam’s strong influence over the Revolution was his skill as a writer. 1764, he wrote about Boston’s protest against England’s draft law on stamp duty. In 1765, Adams was elected in the Massachusetts colonial assembly and became the leader of the American opposition to the British government. In 1772, he founded in Boston a committee to arouse public opinion. Adams appealed to all the colonies to join in action against the Crown. In 1773, he helped to plan the Boston Tea Party.

Adams was a delegate to the first and second continental congress who fought for independence. He signed the U.S. Declaration of Independence. Adams also secured the approval of the Massachusetts Constitution in 1788 although he initially opposed it. He was vice-governor of Massachusetts one thousand seven hundred eighty-nine – one thousand seven hundred ninety-three and then governor in 1794 -1797.

Samuel Adams was akin to the prominent Adams family and was second cousin to America’s second President John Adams.

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