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The history of relation between science and religion is not easy and full of collisions. This became the basis for advocacy formula “Religion is the enemy of science.” Although to a lesser extent, but a collision with science have also been in politics, art, morals, and in other areas of culture. In the anti-religious literature, science is compared with the light, and religion is darkness and ignorance. Every student who chose science and religion topic to write his research paper knows about this antagonism that went into the everyday consciousness as one of the most common stereotypes of the dominant ideology.

Rethinking the spiritual heritage of the recent past, we turn to this stereotype. Recall that the main feature of religion is the belief in the supernatural, a miracle, and worshiping it. Not for nothing, the followers of religion are called believers.

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Religion proclaims unknowability of God and the deep mysteries of existence. In turn, science is based on recognition of the knowability of the world and all its phenomena. It is identified with knowledge based on reliable, true information about the nature, society, man, and his thinking.

Science reduces everything unknown, supernatural, miraculous to scientific meaningful. From this position, a miracle is a product of blind faith.

Science is a sphere of human activity, the function of which is to develop and theoretical systematization of objective knowledge about reality; it is one of the forms of social consciousness. It includes both efforts to achieve new knowledge and its result – the sum of knowledge underlying the scientific world, the designation of separate branches of scientific knowledge. Immediate objectives of science are description, explanation and prediction of processes and phenomena of reality, which are the subject of its study on the basis of its laws opened.

Science is de bene esse divided into natural, social, humanitarian and technical. Born in the ancient world to the needs of social practice, it its formation in the 16-17 centuries and in the course of historical development has become a major social institution that has a significant impact on all spheres of society and culture in general.

Religion (from Lat. Religio – piety, shrine, the object of worship) is an outlook and attitude, as well as appropriate behavior and specific actions (worship), based on the belief in the existence of a god or gods, the supernatural, a miracle, etc.

Religious outlook is a form of philosophy, which is based on belief in the existence of certain supernatural powers and their dominant role in the universe and life. Faith and worship, as a rule, are considered specific features of religion.

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