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Faith is a true recognition of something, often without prior actual or logical verification, only due to the internal, subjective immutable belief that does not require evidence for its justification.

Faith is due to the peculiarities of the human psyche. Unconditionally accepted information, text, effects, events, or own ideas and conclusions may in the future make the basis of self-identification, determine some of the actions, judgments, norms of behavior, and attitudes of the individual.

Faith is probably a universal feature of human nature and the most important part of outlook of a believer; it penetrates into all elements of his life. It is believed that the belief results from the human need to share experiences with others in the course of joint work and the lessons learned. Religious people of the same community have about the same view of the world as they are inclined to trust the experience of their tribesmen, as the past (tradition), and the present. Therefore, faith can be seen as the collective view of the world.

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Arguing from the point of view of biology suggests that religious belief is a by-product of another, some useful property for the survival of the human psyche. Often faith is assessed as an important element of value consciousness, along with subjects such as hope and love. Religion, as a rule, represents faith as one of the main virtues. In Christianity, faith is defined as a reunion with God. In the Christian tradition, faith is a belief in invisible as in visible and in things hoped for as real things.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. The New Testament (Hebrews 11: 1)

In the New Testament Biblical studies, faith is a basic and necessary factor, which, according to this scripture, allows a person to overcome the laws of nature (for example, the story of the Apostle Peter walking on the water).

Atheists and materialists explain religious faith as generated by the specific conditions of the existence of society, namely powerlessness of people in their interactions with the natural and social environment and the need a compensation for this impotence, by filling their alienated existence with illusory world beyond, corresponding to their values. Theology recognizes a religious belief as an inherent property of the human soul, or the grace bestowed by God. In this sense, faith is different from the reason and / or knowledge.

Students, writing their research proposal on faith have to indicate that the objects of faith usually are not sensible, but are presented only as a possibility. Nevertheless, these objects are presented as existing in reality figuratively and emotionally.

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