Sexual Harassment Research Paper

The sexual harassment refers to situations in which one or more persons are subject (usually repeatedly) to verbal or physical activity, aiming to reduce their sexual identity without considering such activity as a criminal offense. Victims are usually employees subject to the “whims” of their colleagues or superiors.

It also means solicitations for sexual favors at work under penalty.

On the other hand, theoretically casting couch, when a woman or a man, use their charms hoping to move up the hierarchy is not considered a sexual harassment situation, since in this case there is a mutual consent. In practice, the existence of sexual relationship is easy to prove, however, there is much less initiative to do so.

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In addition, the fact that a supervisor gives hierarchic promotions based on personal benefit he derives, either in cash or in sexual favors, is in itself at least gross negligence on his part and possibly a crime.

The term sexual harassment in the workplace refers to a sexual discrimination based on gender, perceived as intrusive by the victims and as undermining their dignity. As part of sexual harassment activity we can consider derogatory and equivocal comments on the appearance of a woman or a man, sexist remarks about sexual characteristics, sexual behavior or sexual orientation, unwanted physical contact, presenting pornography and sexual abuse, sexual coercion and rape.

A survey conducted in 2007 at the national level reveals that 28 percent of women and 10 percent of men interviewed have been victims of sexual harassment or the target of similar conduct in their professional life. Three quarters of these women, the perpetrators were men, who generally acted alone but sometimes in groups. They also frequently report having been the target of mixed groups (men and women), but rarely women. The men were in about half the cases harassed by men (individuals or groups) in about one quarter of women in the last quarter and by mixed groups. The most part of culprits is co-workers, and often customer. Line managers are the third most numerous group. Women report more frequently than men to have been bothered by superiors.

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