Research Paper on Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking refers to the illegal activity when people are coerced or forced into the commercial sex trade against their will.

The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court includes the concept of sexual slavery and situations where people are forced to share housework, marriage, and other activities, the elements of which are sexual relationships, as well as human trafficking (especially women and children). The term “forced prostitution” is used when a person (or group) is urging anyone to engage in prostitution.

UN reports one million women and girls involved by force in sex slavery and / or human trafficking.

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The roots of sex trafficking in Europe dates back to White slave trade during the 1800s and early 1900s. This term refers to the activity, whereby young women under the pretense of good, well-paid job as company men, women teachers, salespersons, gymnasts, and the like were attracted to foreign countries, where they were sold to brothels. The victims were lured in different ways: first, through agents, resident or itinerant, engaged by the vast riches available international companies, by certain Commissioners office and small commercial establishments, and through advertisements. The young girl, who accepted the submitted tenders, when abroad was taken directly to a brothel, where she was unambiguously told about what was demanded of her. If she refused to submit to, she was told that she owed a certain sum of money, that is the sum that the agent or commissioner, who acted as an intermediary, paid for her trip, and also the money that he was paid by the brothel for her. As the victim usually had not any possibility to pay, she was driven in most cases to submit to prostitution, unless she preferred to take her own life. The victims could only rarely make themselves clear or understand foreign language, and when trying to escape, they were taken by the police and often sentenced to prison, because, deprived of their own clothing, they fled wearing clothes given to her in brothel, and whose variegated colors betrayed where she came from. As a rule, the keepers did not risk to keep the victims long in the same place: usually they were sold to other brothel for the price they were bought and were sent as from city to city, from country to country, from continent to continent, until they were no longer in “working condition.” Then they were thrown outside where they earned their living by begging on the street or, at best, they ended up in a hospital, where they ended their life. In this way annually perished thousands of young women from poor families.

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