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The social and environmental accounting is a form of accounting of companies to consider their behavior in social matters, especially with regard to the labor law, and on the environment and long lasting development. Interest in it has grown with globalization and the increased importance of multinational corporations, relocating some of their production to countries with a sometimes inefficient legal system to protect human rights.

College student seeking to write a decent social accounting research paper have to got the idea that June 7, 2011, MEPs expressed their support for the integration of a social aspect by adopting a resolution not binding on the theme “GDP and beyond,” following communication eponymous made ??by the European Commission in 2009. They want concrete proposals on the integration of these new indicators in Eurostat.

Social accounting is a tool implemented to take into account the corporate social responsibility (CSR). Taking into account that other financial criteria in establishing these balances is mainly to improve the image of brand of the company, both for commercial and political purposes.

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It is therefore a form of public relations, integrated to meet the expectations of consumers and shareholders conscious about the production methods used in the manufacture of the purchased product.

The balances can be written by the company itself. However, to ensure the veracity of information, firms may rely on independent auditing that can establish social and environmental reporting. Various jurists such Alec Stone Sweet is advocating more such audits.

Finally, some NGOs themselves establish social balance sheets of firms, sometimes against their will.

From 2011, the statements issued by the European System of Accounts (often abbreviated as ESA) (as satellite accounts), previously based on the gross national product and the gross national income, the net national income and gross domestic expenditure, Europe sets up the first environmental accounting integrated in its economic accounts that incorporate air emissions, environmental taxes collected (on the energy, the transportation, the pollution and consumption of resources) and the flow of materials (solids, liquids and gases except air and water). Regulation produces a common framework for collecting, processing, transmission and evaluation of European environmental economic accounts, with a delay of up to two years left to Member States to transmit their data.

In 2013, other indicators may be proposed by the Commission (income and expenditure on environmental goods and ecosystem services, environmental protection, natural resources or energy. Certain transfers (such as grants related to the environment) and expenses related to the use or management of resources (including water quantity and quality), waste …) can be considered. Accounts linked to forests and some materials may also be included.

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