Accounting Ethics Research Paper

Accounting ethics is the branch of ethics which is related to the sphere of accounting. Accounting is a complicated study which requires deep knowledge and responsibility. Accounting is closely connected with finance and its management, so there is always a risk that the accountant can do certain action for his own benefit. No wonder the profession of accountant has always been treated a bit negatively and common people have very low level of trust towards them. In order to change the situation for the better the experts started to speak about the accounting ethics, so that is a set of rules and moral values, which every accountant is supposed to possess not to discredit himself.

The first words mentions about accounting ethics were noticed in the end of the 15th century but the education of this course at colleges and universities appeared only in 1980-ies.

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Accounting is an extremely complicated sphere which requires responsibility, but the modern world is full of financial crisis and collapses, bankrupting of wealthy companies, so the experienced accountant is expected to be good at these questions and should consult his client well providing him only with the reliable information. For example, when there is a question about investment into a certain company, the accountant should provide a professional analysis and give a reasonable piece of advice informing the client whether there is no risk in this investment and whether the client does not lose his money. Ethics in the sphere of accounting is very important, because it deals with the sphere of finance, which is core one nowadays, as everything depends on money.

Accounting ethics is a serious problem, which is worth attention, so one can complete a research paper on the topic and demonstrate his knowledge. A successful accounting ethics research paper is expected to explain the purpose of the research, present the student’s expectations concerning the results of the research, illustrate the examples of accountant ethics on the real situations and define the role of ethics in the sphere of accounting. Furthermore, the student is expected to present the list of the methods and sources used to the research of the topic.

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