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Social interaction is a variety of social relations that occur in public relations between people and roles that are performed by them in the society.

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Social interactions are the attitude to other, historically having certain public forms, in the particular circumstances of time and place. Social interactions are the relationship between social actors about their equality and social justice in the distribution of welfare benefits, the conditions of formation and development of the personality, the satisfaction of material, social, and spiritual needs. Social interactions are the relations that are established between large groups of people. By the direction, social interactions can be divided into economic, political, spiritual, and social.

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Social interactions are manifested only in certain types of relationship between people, namely, social, in which these people embody their social statuses and roles in life, and the statuses and roles have very clear boundaries and very strict regulation. Social interactions give both certainty of social positions and statuses. For example, the trade interaction among the major factors is the mutual determination of the seller and the buyer in the transaction (purchase and sale). Thus, social interactions are closely linked with social relations, although not identical concepts represent the same thing. On the one hand, social relationships are implemented in social practices (interactions) of the people, on the other hand, a social relation is a precondition social practices have sustainable, standard fixed social form, which made possible the implementation of social interactions. Social interaction affect individuals in the defining way — form and orient them, suppress or stimulate the practices and expectations of the people. At the same time, social relations are “yesterday’s” social interactions, “frozen” live social form of human activity.

The feature of social interactions is that, by their nature, they are not object-object oriented, just like the interactions between objects in nature, and they are not subject to subject oriented, like interpersonal interactions — when a person interacts with another holistic person, but are subject to object oriented, when the interaction occurs only with socially alienated form of its subjectivity (social ego) and the person itself in them is partial social actor (social agent). Social interactions do not exist in the “pure” form. They are embodied in the social practices and always mediated by objects — social forms (things, ideas, social phenomena, processes).

These interactions can occur between people who do not directly contact and may even be unaware of each other’s existence, and the interactions between them will be carried out through a system of institutions and organizations, but not because of the subjective sense of obligation or intent to maintain these relationships.

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