Research Proposal on Business Ethics

Business ethics is a complicated set of norms which every business should fulfil. Business ethics touches upon all the core aspects of production, advertising and sale of goods and services. There is also a theory that business ethics is the set of the moral values, which are essential for the activity of business which are based on the believe, that the priority of business should not be the profit but the good for the customers.

It is obvious that the problem of business ethics is quite complicated, because it is difficult to produce goods and services and sell them without any harmful techniques (for example, heavy advertisement), especially when there is solid competition on the market.

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Historically, business has always been a dangerous job, because every businessman had to conform to the life and rules of the country and the time he lived in. During the periods of war businessmen had to work for the development of their country and provide goods to support it.

Business was involved into all conflicts and supported such phenomena as slavery and exploitation of colonies, etc. Business ethics is a part of the philosophy of business, which teaches to treat all the aspects of production, human resource management, advertising with dignity. A smart businessman should treat employees with respect, avoid discrimination, conduct the recruitment process correctly, produce only quality goods, which do not cause harm to consumers and avoid financial manipulations and connection with crime. Business ethics also touches upon global questions like immigration, globalization, unemployment, etc.

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