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Andy Warhol was a cult person in the history of pop art movement and contemporary art in general. In 1960, he was a producer and manager of the first alternative rock band The Velvet Underground.

Warhol was born in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA), the son of Ukrainian immigrants from the village of Mikov, which was then in Austria-Hungary, and now it is in Stropkovsky region in the northeastern area of Slovakia. He began to show early talent in art, and studied commercial art at the Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University) in Pittsburgh. He was not always a good college student and often remained misunderstood by his peers and superiors.

After finishing his education in 1949, he moved to New York and began a successful career in illustrating magazines and in advertising. He became well known for his eccentric ink drawings of shoes made ??in the free style, with the intentional ink stains.

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In 1962, Warhol created a sensational series of paintings, which depicted, often in loud colors, cans of canned Coke. The attention of the radical art critics has been immediately drawn to them. They said that in his works the young artist skillfully revealed the vulgarity, emptiness, and impersonality of the Western culture of mass consumption. Subsequently, Warhol began to create more shocking works, such as the acidic images of idols of modern society: Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, and Mao Zedong. Allegedly, as a “final touch” Warhol asked his lovers piss on his works to complete it. Scandalous reputation Warhol contributed to the growth of the prices for his works of this series. Currently, the market values of Warhol’s paintings are often measured in tens of millions of dollars.

In the second half of the 1960s, Warhol interested in cinema. The movies he made with Paul Morrissey were the first sign of the sexual revolution. Warhol’s earliest short depicted two men doing fellatio. Most of his movie works are more or less plotless films, lasting up to 25 hours, during which naked participants of Warhol’s “factory,” like Joe Dalessandro and Edie Sedvig, roamed on the screen. Along with the experiments making amateur movies, Warhol produces the first alternative rock band The Velvet Underground. He also made a number of conceptual designer covers album, for example, the Sticky Fingers cover for The Rolling Stones.

Around Warhol, there was a special youth subculture, whose follower – feminist Valerie Solanas – shot the “teacher” in 1968 and seriously wounding him. Although Warhol’s life could be saved, over the next two years he remained disabled, and in 1987, he died from the complication. His brothers moved the body of the artist to Pittsburgh to burry him in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic the Holy Spirit Church.

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