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Baroque (Italian barocco, literally quirky, strange), one of the dominant styles in architecture and visual arts in Europe and Latin America late 16th to mid-18th century. Baroque introduced the new ideas about the unity, infinity, and the diversity of the world, its dramatic complexity and eternal variability; its aesthetic was based on the conflict between man and the world, the perfect and sensual beginning, mind and irrationalism.

Use free sample research papers on the topic to know that Baroque art is characterized by grandeur, splendor and dynamics, pathetic, the intensity of the feelings of elation, the addiction to the spectacular entertainment, combining the real and the imaginary, strong contrasts and rhythms, materials and textures, light and shadow. In the Baroque there was a comprehensive synthesis of arts: urban ensembles, palaces and churches with whimsical plastic facades, hectic game of light and shadow, the complex curvilinear designs and abrisam acquired the picturesqueness and dynamism, became an integral part of surrounding paysage.

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The interiors of the buildings were decorated with multicolored sculpture, moulding, carving, mirrors, and paintings of illusory expanded space, and painting lampshades created an effect of opened vaults. In the fine Baroque arts, images idealization blends with unexpected composite and optical effects, reality with fantasy, and religious affectation with sharply accented sensuality.

In the painting emotional, rhythmic and colorful unity a relaxed freedom of brushwork in the sculpture is the scenic fluidity of form, a sense of variability of the image had become of great importance.

In the homeland of the Baroque, in Italy, this style has found the most vivid and complete embodiment in full of religious and sensual affectation works of the architect and sculptor Lorenzo Bernini, architect Francesco Borromini, architect and painter Pietro da Cortona; later it evolved to the fantastic construction by Guarino Guarini, bravura of paintings by Salvatore Rosa and Alessandro Magnasco, dizzying lightness of paintings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

In Flanders, in the painting by such artists as Jan Siberehts, Peter Paul Rubens, Anthony van Dyck, Jacob Jordaens,David Teniers, and in Holland in the canvases of Rembrandt van Rijn, Gerard ter Borch, Jan Vermeer, Gerrit vanHonthorst, Hendrik Averkampa, Frans Hals, Jacob Ruisdael, Pieter de Hooh, emotionality and expression of Baroque fused with a powerful positive beginning. In Spain of the XVII century, baroque features stood out in the austere architecture of Juan Bautista de Herrera, in paintings by Diego Velázquez, Jose de Ribera and Francisco Zurbaran, sculpture by Juan Martínez Montañés; the extraordinary complexity and sophistication they had reached in the XVIII century in the works by José Benito ?urrigera.

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