Breastfeeding Research Proposal

Breastfeeding is the form of child feeding, which is supposed to be the single natural and physiological way of feeding a new born. The problem of breastfeeding is very complicated, because the process of feeding is not only the supply with the food and essential microelements, but a physiological and psychological unity between the mother and the baby.

The major factor which ensures the success of breastfeeding is the connection between the mother and the baby. That means the baby is supposed to be close to his mother just after the birth to get used to her and receive the emotional relief after the stress of the process of birth. In fact, the meaning of the term ‘breastfeeding’ is broader than just the process of feeding in the traditional way, but also feeding with the help of the wet nurse (if the mother is not able to feed her child because of the physiological peculiarities or diseases); the feeding with the expressed mother’s milk (the mother can express her milk and keep it in a certain cup or bottle to be able to feed the child anytime); the feeding with the donor milk (the mother can share her own milk with other child who does not have his own mother or if she is unable to produce her own milk).

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The international healthcare organizations claim that breastfeeding is the most appropriate way of feeding, because the child gets used to his mother, receives all the essential microelements with the milk and improves his immune system due to the certain components of the breast milk produced by the mother.

The topic on breastfeeding is quite important and relevant, because modern mother often fail to feed their children with their milk and it affects the child’s health negatively. The student who is going to research the topic on breastfeeding is expected to present as much reliable facts about breastfeeding as possible, dwell on its pluses and minuses and convince the professor in the quality of the chosen topic. Naturally, the student is asked to complete the full methodology part illustrating the techniques and methods used to research the problem of breastfeeding and the sources used for the data collecting.

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