Research Proposal on Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the type of cancer which is characterized with the tumour which attacks the milk ducts. It is the most common type of cancer among the women in the world and is the second most frequent form of cancer after the lungs cancer, which affects both men and women. Although, breast cancer is a typical disease of women, more than 1% of men suffer from it too. Breast cancer attacks women from 13 years old and it started to become more frequently from the 1970-es, which can be explained with the reduction of the quality of the ecological situation and natural environment. Moreover, the phenomenon of breast cancer is connected with the lifestyle of people in the modern civilization. Women no longer feed their children with the breast milk or the terms of feeding are too short and it influences milk ducts negatively.

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Breast cancer can appear when the woman’s first pregnancy occurs at the age of thirty and more, when the woman starts smoking at the very young age, when she has diabetes or suffers from obesity, etc. It is obvious that it is quite difficult to cure cancer and unfortunately, it is impossible to do it, if the cancer is on its final stages. That is why if a woman notices certain symptoms of cancer on her breasts, she should consult the doctor at once, because the earlier one start curing cancer, the more chances one has to be cured of it.

A well-organized breast cancer research proposal should be informative, logical, brief and convincing. Moreover, the student is supposed to prepare such a proposal to make one think about the problem and catch the fact that it is very important and worth investigation. A student should possess deep knowledge on breast cancer to be able to brainstorm wise ideas concerning its detection and treatment and share them with the professor. If the professor sees the amount of work conducted by the student (literature review, methodology, predictions, expectations, appendix), he will surely approve the paper and will permit the student to conduct the research on the chosen topic.

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