Cancer Biology Research Proposal

Cancer biology is the branch of biology which studies the peculiarities of the development, cause and effect of cancer of all kinds among human beings and animals.

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of cells which cause harm to the human organism, because when the cells in the certain tissue grow chaotically all the time, tumors appear which cause harm to organs and tissues of the human body preventing them from regular functioning. There are no less than 100 types of cancer which affect various organs of the human body. They can attack nervous tissues, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestion systems, the human muscles and other parts of the organism.

Cancer occurs when the cell life cycle is broken. Normally, the cell appears, develops and dies, but when it does not die, the quantity of the cells in the definite part of body starts to increase constantly forming a tumor.

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It would not be a problem if the tumor grew only in the one part of the body (it would be easy to cut it out without serious consequences), but the majority of cases are characterized with the invasion of blood and lymph of the body for the spread of the disease within the whole body invading other healthy tissues.

Naturally, this type of cancer is extremely difficult for treatment. Cancer biology focuses on the cause of cancer and tries to understand the growing risk of cancer in the developed countries, learns its effect, stages, risks and tries to find the appropriate solutions to the problem and the most effective remedies which can cure the disease once for all.

Cancer biology is the study which learns about the peculiarities of cancer; its symptoms, cause, effect and methods of treatment. The student can complete a well-designed proposal or the research project on cancer biology dwelling on the most interesting points of the problem. The student has the chance to work out a logical and informative proposal which would reveal all the main problems and the scope of research of cancer biology, its strong and weak sides, etc. The student’s duty is to prepare the list of the methods used for the investigation and explain how they can be useful in this occasion.

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