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Mental Health Counseling is a professional psychosocial counseling of individuals or groups with the aim of solving mental problems or change processes to initiate, manage and evaluate them. Counselors work with talk and intervention techniques, but are to be compared only in part with those of psychotherapists. In general, the depth of the intervention is smaller and the approach is more holistic, i.e., the whole social environment of clients and their support systems are coming more into focus. A psychological training is not necessarily required; this may be, for example, field knowledge and professional experience from neighboring areas of advantage.

If you are about to write a free sample research paper on Ithe topic you should know that in March 2010, on the initiative of American Counseling Association (ACA) of the United States leading professional groups agreed to a one-year process of discussion on a common definition of the Mental Health Counseling.

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The organizations involved in this process undertake to represent this definition active of their activities: “Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.”

The term was coined by the work of Carl R. Rogers, but is not limited to the Counseling modern methods of Rogers School. Although the theory of psychological counseling forms is an important basis of Counseling, the methods also originates from the American pragmatic, interactional systems theory or even life-world oriented pedagogy and social work, i.e., from working with (relatively) healthy individuals, but certain problems cannot be solved alone and partially delegate their resolution to experts. To the extent in which traditional social models are regarded as too idealistic, there is demand for advice and foreign knowledge dependent increases in the search for solutions.

Counselors often work with members of disadvantaged groups to the solution of concrete problems of everyday life. Objectives are for example the acquisition of social skills, increasing self-responsibility or the health problems prevention. The transition to coaching is because of the significant in Counseling emphasis on helping people help themselves fluently. While coaching attaches more to the elimination of deficits, Counseling is often strength-oriented.

Many American universities offer courses of extremely specialized training and short training for these professions to what the holistic claim and the theoretical foundation of the profession, however, often call into question.

The difference between therapy and counseling can be illustrated by the example of Group Counseling, the help for healthy people with “Difficulties they wish to resolve are of a personal, educational, social, or vocational nature,” i.e., represents the advice of people in similar life situations, e.g., by other people who also live with a disability -‘s mostly by a means of eligible laity assistance. Co-Counseling is the group psychotherapy, but goes without therapists. Other forms of help, include counseling methods that are in the health field, such the Mental Health Facilitator.

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