Civil Engineering Research Proposal

Civil engineering is the engineering in the sphere of building construction, which embraces all the stages of the embodiment of the building projects: projecting, constructing and exploitation of the objects. In the narrower meaning civil engineering is the complex of the engineering and consulting services in the planning, constructing and exploitation of the industrial, infrastructural and other objects.

The history of civil engineering starts from the 12th century with the development of the weapon and military constructions. The military engineers constructed machines which helped in the war.

The first mentioning about the civil engineers appeared in Holland in the 16th century. These people were involved in the construction of bridges and roads, and their service differed from the military engineers. Since this time the term civil engineering has been spread all over the world and meant the projecting and construction of the objects of the mass public use.

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The process of civil engineering is divided into several major stages: the initial stage of projecting, investment, constructing, exploitation and utilization. Civil engineering is an extremely broad issue and it touches upon numerous branches of the human life. For example, it is connected with the construction of the industrial objects, private houses (urban engineering), construction of roads, transportation (the public transport and its lines), water resource engineering (pipelines which are aimed to supply people with water), earthquake engineering (the means which are helpful in the prevention and reduction of the result of an earthquake), etc. Civil engineering is an extremely varied branch of engineering and it can be called the primary factor which effects the quality of life in the urban areas.

Civil engineering is quite a useful topic for the research and the student is able to observe the issue deeper and suggest his own concepts and strategies of the development and improvement of the certain branches of civil engineering. The student is obliged to dwell on the explanation of the purpose of the research, presentation of the problems which disturb him, the ways of the solution of the problems and the selection of the methods of the research. In addition, the student is supposed to share the expectations concerning the topic of civil engineering and the evaluation of the urgency of the issue.

The aim of the student is to prove that the chosen topic on civil engineering is worth attention. The Internet and a free research proposal civil engineering example can help the young person with the professional composition of the text. Relying on the intensive help of a free research proposal sample civil engineering the student will manage to solve the problem of formatting, the right research of the problem and master the convincing tone of writing.

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