Research Paper on Urban Planning

Urban Planning Research Paper:

Urban planning is a comprehensive multi-faceted activity of society, which aims to create material and spatial environment of human settlements and in areas of resettlement. It is a process of technical- engineering, socio-economic, and environmental control, which regulates planning, construction and development of urban environment. .

Urban planning provides the development of methodology of analysis and synthesis of various types of urban objects (town, city, village, and their structural elements), the establishment of modern urban theoretical grounds, the basis for the state urban policy and information support for urban development.

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Urban Planning activity includes the study, design, and management of the processes that determine the formation and evolution of the functional and architectural structure of settlements and territories, according to the demographic, social, economic claims and natural environmental conditions, the development of the transportation engineering and infrastructure, the preservation and enrichment of the local environment.

All this activity focuses on ensuring the development of settlement and territories, construction planning, renovation of the city and operation of its infrastructure according to the needs of the population. The tools for solving urban problems include the rational planning and organization of the territory, coordinated interposition of residential areas, industrial complexes, recreational blocks, community centers, etc.

Student preparing their research projects on urban planning, have to be aware of the phenomenon magnitude. This comprehensive complex of activities regulates all the spheres of the urban existence. To understand clearly the subject complexity, college and university students have to deeply study all the closely-related fields of the discipline and explain the conditions of urban planning origin and evolution. All the arguments presented in your paper have to be objective and persuasive. For that, you must process all available data on the matter and isolate necessary information, which will serve as the basis for your research. In addition to that, your research project have to include your thoughts and ideas on the urban planning improvement and implementation.

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