Research Proposal on Urban Planning

Urban planning is a process of the wise organization of the building on a certain territory: village, town or a great city. From the beginning of the human civilization people built houses for various purposes, like living, keeping crops, social and religious purposes, etc. It is obvious that people build houses and monuments not chaotically, but according to the certain rules and scrupulously-calculated and analyzed plans. There are special engineers and professional architects who plan and design building in order not to spoil the general view of the place. Evidently, there are special norms and requirements, which give the right to build a house for different purposes or restrict people from doing it.

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Except of buildings and monuments there are roads and various urban systems which also require special planning. It is obvious that it is impossible to create a road wherever one wants, because it can spoil the environment and disturb the life of the people living nearby. The building of the industrial objects is also scrupulously planned and controlled, because it is not reasonable to build a plant or a factory in the center of the big city. There are special industrial areas allowed for the building of such objects. Then, one can not build a private house in the green area of the city, because according to the urban planning and people’s requirements parks should be free of any buildings and serve as recreational areas.

Every city and small town has its own plan and strict structure which can not be broken. There are several types of urban planning, the classical circular structure, characteristic for the ancient cities and the modern one which resembles the crossed lines. It is important to be an expert in urban planning for every architect, because his project should suit the general view of the area of the building and be harmonic with the other buildings in the neighborhood. A student who has researched the history, aspects and principles of urban planning will surely have brand new ideas to share with his professor. The best way to do it is to prepare a good research proposal, which will convince the professor the topic is worth research and your ideas are valuable for architecture.

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