Computer Science and Engineering Research Paper

Computer science and engineering is a field studying the developing of computer systems and networks and their integration, as well as research in the area of robotics. In other words, computer science and engineering is responsible for designing and development of processors, computing systems, and paralleled computing systems, and their integration into clusters and networks. Computer science and engineering imply the development of firmware and software for embedded devices and chip integration schemes, the development of operating systems, etc.

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The rapid development of computer technology in various sectors is one of the features of the modern period of the development of society.

Computer technologies are part of virtually all work areas. These technologies are used in manufacturing, industry, publishing and extensive libraries, banks, and warehouses, communications systems and control systems for logistic, tax inspections, in entertainment, etc. The computer has become an essential attribute of every workplace.

Besides, computer science and engineering are engaged in designing and development of hardware and systems computer systems and networks of universal and particular purpose, as well as their components.

Computer science and engineering play a significant role in shaping the scientific picture of the world, as it generates technologically advanced knowledge about the patterns of technical-technological and consumer activity, determines the scientific style of thinking, ensures awareness and provides the understanding of the experimental nature of modern industry.

The professionals in computer engineering are engaged in developing hardware and software for advanced and promising information technologies, design and application of computer systems and networks for general and special purposes, optimization of the specialized computer systems and networks, technical means of information protection and another form of technological security.

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