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Virtualization in computing is the process of presenting a set of computing resources, or their logical combination that gives any advantage to the original configuration. This is new virtual view on the resources of the components, which are not limited by the implementation, computer hardware, or geographic location. Usually virtualized resources include computing capacity and data storage. Scientifically, virtualization is intended to isolate processes and computing resources from each other.An example of virtualization is symmetric multiprocessor computer architectures that use more than one processor. Operating systems are typically configured so that multiple processors were presented as a single processing unit. That is why software applications can be written to a single logical (virtual) computer unit that is much easier to work with than write it for multiprocessor configurations.

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So what the use to simulate multiple machines using only one? Any modern operating system has a structure that allows it to use the hardware the best way it is capable of. The juxtaposition of the several systems not designed to interact with each other may seem inefficient, considering the fact that the virtualization process will itself consume often limited resources.

However, the picture is not so bleak. First, we can avoid most part of such problems just using a separate partition for each different system, and then, the memory today is cheap enough to allows each system to stay resident, and even share sometimes large sections of their code. It is also should be mentioned that new microcode of the mainframes such as microprocessors becomes increasingly efficient, which allows making virtualization still more efficace.

Now, it is very common situation, when a company has a couple of servers, which runs only at 10% capacity. All this unused power has to be constantly there to be ready to deal with a sporadic peak load. The energy consummation of server at 10% of its capacity is not much less than of that loaded at 80%, and the group of four servers on the same machine may therefore be useful considering a very rare simultaneous peak load, even if the process virtualization itself takes 20 % of the machine capacity.

Finally, virtualization can be a reason for a better versatility in the paralleling and load redistribution in the case of reconfiguration or temporary failure (data recovery, etc.).

Now it is time to learn to use existing equipment with greater efficacy and virtualization is one of the advanced technologies, which allows us to do it. Your research paper on virtualization has to explain the help of the technology and show some vivid examples of its use. If you do not know the procedure of research proposal composing, you may want to consult free example research projects on different subjects.

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