Criminology Research Proposal

Criminology is a social science which studies crime, the identity of a criminal, cause, effect and conditions of a crime and ways and methods of its prevention. The term ‘criminology’ is considered to be created by the anthropologist Paul Topinard in 1879. Criminology is a very important discipline, which helps understand the purpose and cause of crimes and the general motives of criminals. With the help of the science it is possible to get to know about crimes, criminals and make reliable predictions concerning the results of crimes and the best techniques of their prevention.

The methodology of criminology tries to answer all the questions connected with the nature and background of crimes and criminals.

The most widespread and effective methods used in criminology are: statistic methods (the research of the quality and quantity of crimes and the identity of a criminal); the method of questionnaire (helps to receive information which is impossible to learn from the statistic methods); interview (helps to collect information directly from a victim or a criminal about the crime and its details); test (helps to learn the identity of a criminal, the motive of a crime and the emotional, psychological, intellectual and other characteristics of criminals, their attitude towards the others and towards themselves); method of documents (helps to collect more information studying the official and non-official activity of a criminal registered in documents, etc); monitoring (observation of the situation or an individual connected with crime); experiment (modelling of various situations in order to define certain general rules and connections between the model and the reality).

Criminology tries to solve three core problems: find the identity of a criminal, understand the motives of a crime and prevent all possible crimes or reduce their effect to the minimum. When a student is interested in the research of the topic, he is free to try to prepare a successful criminology research proposal to persuade the professor that the chosen problem is worth investigation. One should organize a correct logical structure and present all the essential facts on the problem. It is important to write about the purpose of the research, its value, predictions and possible results. In order to succeed in writing a student should keep to the convincing manner of writing and present all the methods of the research in the proposal.

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