Research Proposal on Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is the part of the material and spiritual culture, created by the previous generations, has gone through the centuries and received by younger generations as something important, valuable and respected. There are many types of the explanations of the term of cultural heritage and this phenomenon can be divided into material and spiritual parts. If one speaks about spiritual cultural heritage, one means the history of the nation, its language, traditions, customs, folklore, literature, music, religion, beliefs, etc. Material heritage is the result of the spiritual human activity; people’s manner of thinking, acceptation of the world around and its phenomena. So, the brightest examples of the material heritage are museums, conservations and archives. Museums present information and valuable material evidence of the existence of the previous civilizations, and just previous generations and their achievements.

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Museums and galleries contain pieces of art of all kinds (painting, sculpture, etc); archives accumulate documents of all kinds which contain personal information about everyone, for example, correspondence. Conservation is characterized with the protection of architecture, art, archaeological excavations, film and phonograph accumulation. Nearly every town and city has hundreds of old buildings which are supposed to be the masterpieces of architecture and belong to the cultural heritage and require protection. Furthermore, there is natural heritage, which is associated with national parks, which contain flora and fauna of the region and maintain the biodiversity of the country. If the country is rich in picturesque landscapes and geological natural formations, one can speak about geodiversity, such as canyons, mountains, caves, etc. Rich cultural heritage not just reminds about the achievements of the previous generations but attracts tourists from all over the world and maintains the country’s economy.

When the student is asked to prepare a sensible research proposal, he should bear in mind that he has to demonstrate thought-provoking and interesting issues for the analysis. So, one is able to dwell on the research of cultural heritage and its types focusing on the points which require analysis and additional discussion. The young person is able to generate bright ideas about the necessity of protection of cultural heritage and share his ideas about the fulfillment of this plan. A logical and brief proposal will surely persuade the professor in the quality of the chosen topic, so one should treat the assignment with responsibility and creativity.

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Custom Research Proposal on Cultural Heritage

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