Research Proposal on Employee Performance

Employee performance is the quality and tempo of the employees’ work. Employee performance is quite an important factor for business, because it indicates the level and the quality of the employee’s work and demonstrates what aspects can be improved for the increase of the productiveness. Speaking about employee performance it should be admitted that every employee is checked and monitored to define the level of his work. It is quite difficult to define the real potential of a company and the opportunities of the single employee or group of employees.

Only after the detailed analysis of the objectives of the company, the work atmosphere, the equipment and conditions one can evaluate and improve the performance of an employee. One of the most useful methods to increase the performance is to provide employees with more freedom and self-organization in order to improve their self-esteem and make them active.

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Furthermore, an employee is supposed to be well-informed about the goal of the company, the purpose of its work and the desired results. Understanding the final goal the employee organizes his time better and becomes more engaged into the process of production. Finally, the most effective method to increase the productiveness and reveal the potential of employees goes through coaching, training and development. If the managers of the higher level share their experience and pieces of advice with the novice employees, the letter would learn better and their performance increases rapidly for the benefit of the whole company.

The problem on employee performance is quite serious for every student who is interested in business and marketing and wants to learn about the methods and techniques of the increase of the productiveness of employees. If the student wants to dwell on the research of the employee performance and prepare a research paper, he should primarily complete a good employee performance research proposal which would persuade the professor in the successful choice of the problem under investigation. A good research proposal should inform about the meaning of employee performance, its core aspects, principles, methods and techniques of its improvement.

The student should evaluate the importance of employee performance for business and quality functioning of every organization.

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