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Feng Shui (simplified Chinese: ??; Traditional Chinese: ??; pinyin: f?ng shu?, which literally means “wind and water”) is a belief and a millennial art of Chinese origin which aims to harmonize environmental energy (qi,?/?) of a place to promote the health, welfare, and prosperity of its occupants. In China, it is usually called f?ng shu? xué discipline (??? “study of wind and water”). This art is to arrange the housing depending on visible flow (rivers) and invisible (the wind) for a balance of power and energy flow. This is one of the Taoists arts, as well as the traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture, with which it shares a common core of knowledge.

To write a good research paper on the Feng Shui, college students must know that the first traces of use of the basic principles of feng shui in China dates back approximately to 4000 and 4500 years before Christ. In the province of Yangshao tombs were discovered in which was applied a system of placement and organization according to principles which later became the basics of feng shui. This ancient art is known as Kan Yu or Kwan Yu. The first notable features on this site were based on the principles of the four “Heavenly Animals” and the cardinal directions.

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It was Fu Xi, who (around 4000 BC) discovered the eight trigrams (bagua ??), which constitute the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, and Wang Wen transcription. Fu Xi is one of three Emperors in Chinese mythology (??, Sanhuang). The mission of the Emperor at the time was to lead his people in the security (war, conflict) and abundance (avoid famines).

The nature of soil, the configuration of the environment, climate prediction, epidemics, all of these will be considered by the Sages, for several millennia to arrive at a comprehensive understanding of terrestrial, celestial, and human mechanisms. This is the raison d’être of feng shui.

For centuries, the Chinese refer to them to develop their cities. Ganzhou City in Jiangxi Province was the first city built following the principles of feng shui Yang Gong, about 1200 years ago by one of the greatest masters Yang Yun Song.

Feng shui has gained acclaim in the service of the Emperor of the Chinese dynasties.

Prohibited under Mao Zedong, it is now become popular again and the peoples of East Asia follow the princiles to improve their quality of life, health within their habitat, the profitability of their business premises.

The last few decades have feng shui, like other traditional Chinese phenomena such as Tai Chi, traditional Chinese medicine, qigong, and acupuncture has become increasingly popular in the western countries, but unlike, for example, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan this technique is used mainly for home decoration and is usually not entirely of the same seriousness as in their homeland.

Some followers of Feng Shui claim it to be a science, but there is no scientific evidence that Feng Shui would work, or to “energy” qi would neither exist nor have anything to do with home decorating. The tests on Feng Shui under controlled conditions give inconsistent results.

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