GIS Research Proposal

Geographic Information System is the system of collecting, storage, analysis and graphic visualization of geographical data and the information about the required places connected with it. The term is also used in narrower meaning – the instrument or software, which helps users to search, analyze, edit maps and receive extra information about the objects (the height of a building, the address, the number of tenants, etc). GIS includes the abilities of the system database management, redactors of raster and vector graphics and analytical tools used in cartography, geology, meteorology, ecology, municipal administrating, transports, economics, armed forces, etc.

On the basis of the territorial coverage GIS can be global, sub continental, national, regional, sub regional and local ones. GIS differ greatly according to the subjects of their research and informational modelling. For example, there are city GIS, municipal GIS, geological, environmental GIS and others.

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GIS are extremely important in various aspects of the human life, especially in urban design and land management. It is important to plan the settlement, the city of a small town professionally, taking into consideration all the geographic factors, which can influence the quality of the building, the comfort and convenience, for example, rivers, lakes, mountains, hills and places which can be the source of the natural disaster, like volcanoes, dams, etc. GIS is closely connected with information technology, because the results of the research and geographic discoveries enable to create computer models, electronic maps, the systems of GPS, etc. The development of GIS started in the 1950-ies and is closely connected with the development of technologies and launch of numerous satellites which collect information about the planet from the space.

GIS is an important topic for the research, because the systems help to collect and process geographic information which can be actively used in science, engineering, information technology, telecommunication, logistics, shipping, urban design, business, etc. The students who are interested in the topic can try to prepare a good GIS research proposal and gain the chance to conduct profound research on the topic if they persuade the professor with the help of their paper.

A good research proposal is supposed to possess a logical strict structure, brief analysis of the topic, present the purpose and the value of the research, methodology and the literature review of the sources used for the research.

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