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During their early adultness – the age from 20 to 40 – most people enjoy the height level of energy, strength, and endurance in comparison with the people of other age-related groups. It is an average expectation for this age. Most cultures take advantages from this age of the highest efficiency, conducting the vocational training using the exhausting systems of the internship, examinations, and research work, sending young people to war, deifying young athletes and models, expecting that women will bear children.

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As a rule, the functioning of organs, time of reaction, strength, motor skills, and sensorimotor coordination achieves their culmination at the age from 25 to 30, and they go down gradually after. Nevertheless, the decline of these indexes in the age from 30 to 40 and from 40 to 50 is not so considerable, as most people think it to be. As known, the substantial decline in the functional level of most biological systems appears approximately after 40.

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Thus, although slump after the maximal point of the productivity, appearing approximately in age after 25-30, can be considered for some prominent athletes, it only slightly affects the majority of us. Not all systems, nevertheless, arrive at its maximum in the indicated period. For example, visual accommodation gradually, through evenly, goes down already in middle child’s age. The sharpness of vision weakens very slowly from approximately 20 and then substantially goes down after 40.

The decline of physical skills and abilities capabilities is most visible in some critical situations and other extreme cases requiring the maximal concentration of our strength. For example, when a woman is about 40, a pregnancy affects her stamina considerably stronger in comparison to that, when she was 20-30. Also, for senior women, the period of return to the normal state after giving birth to a child can be more protracted. In like manner, for a 25-years-old man, it is easy to have a few jobs simultaneously, to get his family out of a financial crisis, then for 40-years-old.

Health and habit to engage in physical exercises, formed in the period of early adultness, is often kept during the following years. Many of these behavioral patterns give useful results.

Although the settings and behavior, related to the health and fitness, can change, people are often inclined to resist to such changes, considering especially important to set healthy habits in an early adultness.

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