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Physical development is a dynamic process of growth (increase in body length and weight, the development of organs and body systems, etc.), and biological maturation of the child in a certain period of his childhood. I means as well the development process of combined morphological and functional properties of the organism (growth rate, weight gain, a certain sequence of increase in different parts of the body and their proportions, and the maturation of various organs and systems at a certain stage of development), mostly hereditary mechanisms programmed and implemented by definite plan under optimal conditions of life.

Free sample research papers on the topic will teach that physical development reflects the processes of growth and development at different stages of postnatal ontogenesis (individual development), when there is the most clear conversion of genotypic potential to phenotypic manifestations. Features of physical development and the body structure are largely dependent on its constitution.

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Physical development, along with fertility, morbidity and mortality, is one of the indicators of the health of the population. Processes of physical and sexual development are interrelated and reflect general patterns of growth and development, but at the same time they greatly depends on the social, economic, sanitary and other conditions, the effect of which is largely determined by the age of the person.

Physical development is biological processes taking place continuously. At every stage they are characterized by a specific set of interconnected and connected to the external environment morphological, functional, biochemical, psychological and other properties of the body and due to this peculiar reserve of physical strength. A good level of physical development reflected by physical fitness, high muscular and mental performance.

Adverse factors affecting in utero and in early childhood, are able to break the sequence of development of the body, causing sometimes irreversible changes. Thus, environmental factors (food and water conditions, education, social, disease, and others) in a period of intense growth and development of the child may have a greater impact on growth than genetic or other biological factors.

Historically, physical development was judged mainly on external morphological characteristics. However, the value of such data increases immeasurably in combination with data on the functional parameters of the body. That is why the objective assessment of physical development, morphological parameters should be considered in conjunction with the functional state.

The assessment of physical development are the growth parameters of body weight, the proportions of individual body parts, as well as the degree of development of the functional abilities of the body (vital capacity of the lungs, muscle strength of the hands, etc., the development of muscles and muscle tone, posture condition, musculoskeletal system, the development of subcutaneous fat tissue turgor), which depend on the differentiation and maturity of the cellular elements of organs and tissues, the functional abilities of the nervous system and the endocrine apparatus.

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