How to Write a 10 Page Research Paper

Research paper writing requires at least ten pages of the well-analyzed interesting and informative proofread text. Of course, a student can prepare more information about the selected problem but the absolute general minimum is ten pages and the majority of students hand in the papers covering directly this volume of paper. If one is not sure how to complete the assignment successfully, 10 page research paper writing tips below can be of good help for everyone.

  1. First of all one should pick the right topic which can be broad enough to cover ten pages and quite direct to be able to focus on the definite question of the problem. The student should be interested in the topic to be able to prepare the paper on time and write ten well-formatted pages on it.
  2. The student should organize the writing process from the very beginning, because ten pages is a limited size and one should use the space wisely. To begin with, one is supposed to divide the paper into the logical parts: the introduction, the main part and conclusion with references and every part should cover the definite number of pages already planned by the student. In order to make the process of writing logical, the student is required to prepare a detailed outline to the paper mentioning every important question and problem planned for the research.
  3. The student will need to focus on the introduction and devote as much space as possible to it informing the professor about the purpose of the research, the relevance of the topic under investigation, describing the methods of the research and presenting the expected results of the research. The introduction can cover no more than one page of the length of the paper.
  4. The main body is expected to cover about eight pages and include all the core chapters required for the research paper: the abstract, the methodology, the thesis statement, etc. One should divide these eight pages logically and condense the facts composing a brief but informative well-analyzed paper.
  5. The conclusion and the literature review sections should cover no more than one page and summarize the research paper professionally. One should share the difficulties, the experience and the achievements of the research with the professor and evaluate his work objectively relying on the used methods and sources for the analysis.
  6. Finally, the student is expected to proofread the paper attentively and correct all the slightest errors in order not to spoil the general view of the paper. Furthermore, to be on the safe side one should check his 10 page research paper on plagiarism, because the original content and the right structure and format are the core components of the successful paper.

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