Tips for Writing a 30 Page Research Paper

The assignment of a research paper is quite a common thing at every college and university and the paper is supposed to train student’s critical thinking skills and knowledge on the subject. However, while it is quite easy to prepare a 10 or 20 page research paper, a 30 page research becomes a problem. Students are often afraid of such volumes, because they do not know what can be written on a single narrow topic. Below there are professional 30 page research paper writing tips, which can be of good help for everyone.

  1. To begin with, one should pick the right topic for the analysis; otherwise he will not be able to cover 30 pages of sensible text. The student is expected to research an interesting and thought-provoking topic and find something new and yet undiscovered. So, one should choose the best topic, which will give much space for suggestion. It is obvious that a narrow topic is not a reasonable choice, because it is impossible to write a lot about a direct and limited problem, so one should focus on quite a broader topic which has several research approaches.
  2. Starting writing the paper the student should prepare a nice introduction, which contains all the necessary information about the further research. The introduction and abstract should be long and well-composed in order to inform about the core purposes and principles of the research and in addition a long introductory part will take at least one page of the whole text.
  3. In order to succeed in research paper writing one should collect many reliable facts about the problem under analysis. Trustworthy books, journals, textbooks, encyclopaedias, critical articles, everything will be useful if one wants to cover 30 pages of reasonable text. The main part should be divided into a great number of sections which distribute the whole information into the logical blocks. Furthermore, it is wise to divide the topic into a few sub topics which are related with the major one and analyze every sub topic in detail and finally possess a single image of the broad well-analyzed problem.
  4. In order to fill more space in the paper it is possible to insert numerous citations of the famous scientists and writers. Of course the whole research must not be composed of the quotes, but their presence is obligatory.
  5. Then, if one wants to cover more pages, he can create a broad methodology section and analyze the topic from the point of view of different methods and apply various research approaches for the more scrupulous investigation of the problem. Finally, one can introduce a rich reference page, which presents the sources used for the research and fills the space as well.

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