Human Biology Research Paper

Human biology is the science of the origin, evolution, geographic dispersal of human beings, their structure, development, reproduction, and life processes. This is a complex science, which has close links with such disciplines as anatomy, physiology, and hygiene of man, biochemistry, biophysics, as well as psychology, ecology, and valeology.

Human Biology is the foundation of modern medicine, pedagogy, psychology. Development of anatomy, physiology, and human hygiene helps medicine to develop effective treatments for disorders of the vital organs of the human body and to effectively combat infectious diseases.

Knowledge of the characteristics of the organism is a vital necessity of every person and at the same time an element of general culture, without which society cannot develop progressively in all directions.

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Knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body allows each person consciously abides by scientific rules of personal and public hygiene, to avoid various diseases, to be healthy, mentally, and physically developed.

To maintain our health, we need to examine our body, the processes occurring in it, conditions that prevent disease. Thus, human health is the main objective of the science pursues.

Human health is not just the absence of disease. A state of physical, mental and social well-being, working capacity, and high social activity. A healthy body is able to adapt to the effects of various factors surrounding its natural and social environment and still maintain its stability. One of the important areas of human biology became valeology (from the Greek. “Valeo” – health, “logos” – teaching), which studies the formation, preservation, and promotion of health.

Human body is continuously affected by variable environmental factors. However, these changes do not cause a disease, because the human body adapts to it. Between the organism and the environment, there is a functional balance. The disease occurs only when this equilibrium is disturbed, i.e., a person is affected by environmental factors, extraordinaire by force and quality.

Human body not only yields to influential factors and environmental conditions. They themselves are capable of affecting it in order to improve working conditions, food, life conditions, and to create appropriate conditions for the preservation of health.

Diseases occur under the influence of harmful factors, when their power exceeds protective and adaptive capabilities of the organism. Sometimes it only a single action of such an agent is enough. Diseases also develop under an influences of long-term affecting factors. Elevated radiation levels, chemical and dust pollution, various bacteria and viruses, foul healthy lifestyle, hygiene violations can produce harmful effects on the human body.

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