Joint Forest Management Research Proposal

Joint Forest Management is the official name the Indian policy aimed at the protection and wise management of forests uniting the efforts of the local settlements, families, and individuals with the governmental departments. Naturally, the government of the country is not able to solve the problem of forest management in the particular areas, because only local officials and ordinary people are aware of the peculiarities of the forests nearby.

The decision of JFM appeared in the middle of 1970s when the government and local officials decided to take efforts on protection and reasonable logging of forests. Since that time the issue of reforestation has become quite popular in India because the question became to be solved by the real experts. For example, local communities began to control the amount of the cut forests and maintain the quality of the woods.

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Due to the efforts of local families vast territories of forests were saved and improved. The hills and the problematic areas are reforested to reduce the harmful effects of the flood. Moreover, this action solves the problem of soil erosion which is quite relevant in the mountainous regions. Joint Forest Management is not only saving forests but also maintains the quality timber logged in the woods.

Local communities find and cultivate healthy and quality trees for logging and grow new trees in their places trying to restore the natural balance of the ecosystems. The popularity of Joint Forest Management has been continuously increasing because it is wiser to solve relevant problems on the local level than to wait long months and years for the aid from the government.

Joint Forest Management is the useful topic for the analysis because the student can borrow the valuable experience of the quality and successful methods of forest management practiced in India.

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