Research Proposal on Deforestation

Deforestation is the process of the cutting down of forests for various purposes. Forests are cut down, because people require more territories for agriculture, cattle, more the building of towns, villages and roads. Moreover, the problem of deforestation appears under the effect of the natural influence, for example, storm, flooding, draught, fire, acid rains etc. But it is obvious that all these problems are caused by the human activity. So, the key reason of deforestation is not the simple logging of wood, but the neglect of planting new trees on the place of the cut down ones. As a result, the territory becomes free of trees which can cause the problem of deserting, when great open territories with poor soil are substituted with deserts. The problem of deforestation is extremely urgent nowadays, because nearly every country destroys vast territories of its forests and uses these territories for their purposes causing serious problems for the natural environment.

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Deforestation causes serious problems which affect nature, human life and well-being badly. Cutting down forests people reduce the quality of the air, as trees are the main producers of oxygen. The quantity of nitrogen rises and the quantity of oxygen reduces, which causes the greenhouse effect and a range of diseases. Then, deforestation causes soil erosion, because trees protect soil from the power of the wind, and when the place is open, wind simply blows down the soil and the territory becomes a desert. Finally, forest is a home for the great number of animals and plants, most of which are today are nearly extinct. Destroying forests people kill animals and affect flora and fauna badly.

The problem of deforestation is extremely urgent, because forests are cut down intensively. A range of international organizations try to protect forests, especial rain forests of South America but their success is very poor. If a student wants to prepare a good deforestation research proposal, he should study the problem in detail and persuade the reader in the importance of the topic. The purpose of the research proposal is to introduce something new into the topic under research and convince the professor, that your ideas are valuable enough to write a great research paper on it.

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