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Kabbalah is an important part of the Jewish mystique. One of the main sources is the book of Zohar, another Sefer habbahir. Previously the age limit to learn Kabbalah was 40, The restriction no longer applies.

A key symbol in the Cabala is the tree of life, which in this system consist of the ten sefirot (emanations) of the deity. Kabbalah proponents believe that for the deity, they call Eyn Sof, nothing is hidden. Eyn Sof communicating between the worlds and universes through sefirot. The ten sefirot are considered able to explain both the physical and the metaphysical world.

To write a good research paper on the topic you need to know tha Kabbalah describes universe through a system of mystical knowledge. An important part is tikkun olam, which says that an individual can also help the deity in the ongoing process of creation. This is done by man who observes and follows the religious edicts mitzvot in the Torah in his own life. Many Orthodox Jews interpret Kabbalah literally. Secular and Conservative Jews as well as Jews in the Reform movement does not interpret Kabbalah literally, but shows a spiritual interest in it.

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Kabbalah and the Tree of Life have an antithesis or shadow side called kelippot, which are represented by the tree of knowledge. This tree is the same as the tree of life with ten spheres called kelippot. These kelippot said to be direct opposites to Sephiroth.

From a psychological perspective, the tree of life symbolizes the conscious while kelippotiska tree symbolizes the unconscious, that is, displaced and dangerous but also potential.

A Kabbalistic adept is working with kelippot to reach the goal of getting to know their displacement characteristics, negative and positive, and trying to free himself from the negative aspects and develop the positive.

During the Middle Ages Kabala was deeply influenced by Islamic mysticism, Sufism, giving rise to a rich literature in Andalusia. During the 1500s in the city of Safed in Israel the lurian school arose, which also created important literature in Kabbalah. This school is named after Rabbi Isaac Luria (also known as the Ari) all of Kabbalists in his imitation was aimed for. Another important person was his disciple Chayim Vittal.

Chassidismen has been one of the most influential sources of the spread of Kabbalistic teachings of Isaac Luria’s imitation. The movement was founded by Israel ben Eliezer (Baal Shem Tov), but continued in many branches until today.

Another influential and important Kabbalist was Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag 1884-1954, also known as Baal HaSulam (ladder Owner), a title he gained after having completed one of his masterpieces, Sulam. Ashlag developed a study method that was suitable for modern humans. He is also known for his second masterpiece, Talmud Eser Sefirot (Study of the Ten Sefirot), a commentary on all of Ari’s writings. Some believe that this work is the Kabbalistic doctrine’s core. Ashlag’s goal was to help study Kabbalah in an understandable and accessible way those who interested. There are now several organizations that advocate his ideas.

Renewed interest in Kabbalah has appeared among non-traditional Jews, but also among non-Jews. An example of contemporary practitioners of Kabbalah is Madonna.

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