McDonald’s Research Proposal

The proposed research project aims to assess the feasibility of establishing a McDonald’s franchised restaurant in the village of Gstaad, Switzerland. In accordance with this report’s scope and scale, the analysis comprises both internal and external factors, while giving special emphasis on McDonald’s unique position, abilities and experience in the fast food market.

Research Questions
Two main questions will be handled in this research:

  • What relevant evidences can support or discourage the feasibility of establishing a profitable McDonald’s restaurant in Gstaad?
  • Based on the findings, should McDonald’s establish a restaurant in Gstaad?

Theoretical framework
In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the research questions, this multidisciplinary research will deal with theories and practices from several fields. These include marketing concepts and methods, strategic management issues and financial evaluation models. In-depth research about the market, the organization and the economic environment will also serve as theoretical input for this study.

The study will be composed from three analyses. The marketing analysis, which serves as the most important bulk of this paper’s theoretical framework, involves specific factors regarding the industry and the market in question, including consumer characteristics and behavior, competitive environment and so on. The managerial viewpoint will focus on the company’s ability and means to carry on the project. Finally, a financial analysis will try to define the main operational and financial results, which apply to the feasibility of the proposed business opportunity.

Both the primary and the secondary research should be based on existing concepts, raw data and generally accepted business planning and evaluation models. This is due to apparent lack of comprehensive experience of McDonald’s or any of its immediate competitors in Gstaad, the Canton of Berne or any other comparable site in Switzerland. As McDonald’s is highly protective as to its business practices, cooperation from the company is not anticipated.

Therefore, the primary research will be based on meta-analysis of available data and insights from the academic literature, market research databases and few reliable Internet sources.

Anticipated difficulties
As discussed earlier, any attempt to use subjective insights is futile, while the objective data available is not complete. Hence, it should be expected that more than a few insights will have to be estimated. Finally, due to the narrow scope of this plan and the extremely small market in question, the author’s own judgment is highly decisive.

Action plan
The research schedule will composed from several consecutive steps:

  1. Data collection and evaluation
  2. Secondary research, including writing a draft for the theoretical part
  3. Primary research, including preliminary evaluations, charts and conclusions
  4. Writing a final draft for the research paper
  5. Revision and proofreading

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