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Feasibility study in project management is a study that tends to prove that a project is technically feasible and economically viable. In a broader perspective, feasibility study comprises the following components: technical, commercial, economic, legal, and organizational.

This study is based on consultation with potential contractors, the comparability of technical proposals, possible financial scenarios, the analysis of the business environment and the history of similar projects. Ultimately, the feasibility study should justify the project in terms of targets, realistic, measurable and achievable (SMART) method in a given while providing the means to achieve context.

Feasibility study will be used when writing the business plan for the start-up or business project, which, together with the calculation of return on investment (ROI) analysis will be presented to sponsors and / or project investors to obtain approval and / or funding.

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It should also reduce the risk by improving (and not increasing) the information available to the decision maker. In addition, one must foresee this stage of project management as a dynamic process in which its constituents interact (one could speak of feasibility studies) and whose purpose is to provide options for decision makers. Among the possible choices, there is certainly the opportunity to decide to implement the project or reject it. However, there is also the possibility of other approaches to research additional information or propose amendments to the draft.

Those writers, who are about to write their first research proposal on feasibility study, will have to consult free sample research papers on different topics to understand a few rules of successful scientific text writing. These free examples will teach you that a title should reflect the content of a paper, the subject and the results of a scientific research. The name of a scientific article should concisely and accurately summarize the study. The title of the article needs to be both informative and unique, and show scientific creativity of the author.

Introduction must reflect the purpose, content, type, shape, and other characteristics of a paper. It should reflect the basic and valuable stages of the investigation, its attributes, and conclusions.

The recommended volume of the introduction is about 300-500 characters. You can learn how to prepare an introduction of a scientific article by using free research papers as methodological assistance.

Keywords are a set of words that reflect the content of the text in terms of the object of the science sector and research methods. The recommended number of key words is 5-7; the number of words in a key phrase has to be no more than three.

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